Coriander 5/5/2018

The cilantro went to seed that was planted last winter. I like leaving flowering plants for the bees. It wasn’t helping the garlic which was completely shaded out by it in parts though. Here is the massively unruly plant below:


It’s going to be used as coriander now. After 1/2 of the plant seeds on the plant have turned brown, The whole plant is pulled out of the ground and dried. I cut the stalks to a reasonable length, bound them together and stuck them upside down in a ventilated paper bag about a week or two ago.

Today I think it’s dry enough to shake all the seeds off. Once the seeds are bone dry, rub them off the stalks or shake them off. I found a big cardboard box and collected all the seeds there.


Then the fastest way to separate all the seeds from the dried leaves and stems is to winnow the seed like wheat. Just pass the seeds back and forth between two containers and the wind will carry off the stuff that is lighter than the seeds. You have to do it a few times but end up with a decent product.


Now we have fresh coriander for curries or stews. I’m going to let it air out for another week or so then put it in a mason jar. It took about 20 minutes to create more coriander than we will use in the next year. Worth it.



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