Tomato Thief 5/25/2017

Tomatoes are a quintessential summer crop. Almost every home gardener seems to grow them. They taste SO MUCH different from what you can get in the store. They are very rewarding when they work out, and for me at least, so disappointing when they don’t. I had put bird netting over the tomato plants two days before our trip. Shortly after that I noticed some pest damage:


These were sort of close to the bird netting. I was pretty certain that a bird could perch on the surrounding fence and manage to peck in. Because of this I picked the largest / ripest but still all green tomatoes and left all the green ones that were only half-developed in size. We left and came back from our trip. EVERY SINGLE TOMATO is gone. There is literally no evidence the plant ever set fruit. The few green ones I brought in are all that I have.

My wonderful husband set up the trail cam, but we didn’t catch anything on it. We’ll try again to see if some prowler comes back to the scene of the crime so I have a better idea of how to fight them off.

Sometimes organic gardening feels more like a battle and war waging than a tranquil hobby.


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